Don't sleep tired and let's sleep soundly!
HappyRotech makes THE good sleep.

Sleep that spends one third of one's life, but modern people always lack sleep.
Sleep is now a competitive game. Sleeping well is a happy investment that changes me in the future.
HappyRotech provides a deep sleep environment that uses light/temperature/scent/sound during a person's five senses.

The difference in bed makes a difference in life.
It is important to prevent sleep deprivation because chronic sleep deprivation can not only cause big problems in our daily lives but also cause many diseases that damage our health.

HappyRotech is a company specializing in sleep technology.
This company is creating big data through IoT cold and hot air devices and sleep management applications that help people sleep better in bed.

The cool and warm air function allows you to adjust the temperature to help sleep in the summer and winter to effectively remove the mites, harmful bacteria, and gomphangs from the mattress with phytoncide through the smoke of the cypress refining.

We also have a technology to check sleep score and biometric signals through sleep management applications. Analyze the user's sleep patterns through multiple sensors that are stored on the device and use AI to determine if the user has a sleep pattern.
You can monitor your sleep environment through the Daily Guide.

HappyRotech can solve the problem of solitude in the elderly living alone.
It is designed to check your parents' Vital Sign (Vital Sign) at any time through the IoT link so that you can respond to any problems before they occur. We are also developing a technology that can automatically contact government offices and carers if Vital Sign is not detected for an extended period of time.

There are growing voices calling for sleep deprivation to be seen as a social problem that, if left unattended, causes serious costs.