Convergence of Ondol and Western Bed Culture in Korea
Designated as "Ondol Culture" No. 135 of the National Intangible Cultural Property of Korea Our Ondol, which is gaining global popularity, has been rebranded as the "best heating system invented by mankind."
If K-pop was a major player in hallyu, the Ondol culture is now creating a new wave in the world's residential culture.

"Koreans almost live in a door-to-door house, and tile-roofed houses are so rare that it is almost impossible to find one in Korea's 200th largest. The fact that these Koreans have been using the heating system before the West surprises us. Hot smoke passes through a passageway under the floor, creating enough heat, and the installation method is simple Shouldn't we spread this incredible heating system around the world?"
,Georges Duchro, a anthropologist, 1904. France

Ondol or spheres are traditional Korean house heating methods that keep the floor warm. Also known as Bangudul-.
Hot air that burns in the agungs of hanok, and heat generated from agung is heated as it passes under the gutters of the floor.

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